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Hellas Rectifiers B.V. DC Systems manufacturer


Hellas Rectifiers B.V. is the manufacturer for DC Systems B.V.


Hellas Rectifiers B.V. manufactures rectifiers for all industries in the Netherlands and abroad. In-house we have more than 30 years of knowledge and experience in the field of transformers. We work closely together with our sister company Direct Current B.V. and use our own designed electronics to optimize the application of the systems.


DC Systems B.V. handles all contact, project management, administration, invoices, sales, purchasing, and product support for Hellas Rectifiers BV.


Products are made for applications in the traditional market such as:

But we also build and realize products for the new market for:


Our products are unique

‘Our products are unique. No customer is the same. No demand is the same. No working day is the same,’ says Hassan Barraoui, one of our valued and dedicated team members, ‘this makes working for Hellas really interesting.’ Hassan, who formally worked for Fokker, takes mainly care of mechanics and electronics e.g. building & servicing rectifiers. The demand of the customer is key. 



Projects Hellas Rectifiers B.V. participates in:


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