Power Optimizer

The Solar Power Optimizer is a DC/DC converter per module which maximizes solar energy generated per system by performing Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) per module. The Solar DC Micro converters can boost the total solar energy produced up to 30%. The Solar DC Micro converters measure the power and the energy produced per module, as well as the temperature and the voltage of the module. Each The Solar DC Micro converters is equipped with arc detection and determination, which automatically shuts down the module’s DC voltage in case either the module’s temperature or voltage is too high. [350V or 380V DC bus supported.]


  • Superior performance due to Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) per module
  • Superior MPPT efficiency >99.9%
  • A parallel software architecture
  • Module add-on
    Monitoring level monitoring
  • Monitoring level safety
    Solves the negative system impact of shading conditions
  • Solves the negative system impact of module mismatch
  • Solves the negative system impact of aging mismatch
  • Solves the negative system impact of soiling mismatch
  • Solves the negative system impact of temperature variance

Technology Overview

Parrallel Structure Module Solar DC/DC Micro converter

Femtogrid and Direct Current DC² is a smart DC grid. It is a 3-wire, 350Vdc,380Vdc or 700Vdc, isolated, bi-directional, self-stabilizing, decentralized network designed to distribute DC power and data.

A patented safety wire concept keeps the user free of:

  • Arcs serial and parallel
  • Electrical shocks
  • Fire
  • Balancing issues

The unique and patented parallel Femtogrid architecture builds on 4 mutual reinforcing smart components:

  1. Solar Power Optimizers (DC/DC converters), which perform Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and voltage management per module,
  2. Safe, reliable and plug & play DC cables,
  3. A robust inverter, which performs DC to AC inversion, and
  4. A web-based portal for module level monitoring and problem-free service.

Wireless ZigBee Communication

Knowledge is power. All Femtogrid Power Optimizers continuously measure and communicate a range of module characteristics such as the (DC) power and energy generated, temperature and voltage per module. In addition, the Femtogrid Inverter also continuously measures and communicates the (AC) power and energy generated by all modules together. The data of all Femtogrid Power Optimizers and Femtogrid Inverters is transmitted wirelessly via ZigBee to the Femtogrid Monitoring gateway. This gateway sends the data either via GSM or Ethernet to the remote Femtogrid monitoring server, which displays the data in a user-friendly format for full visibility.

Parallel Architecture

In contrast to traditional solar Femtogrid uses a parallel instead of a serial architecture for solar panels. Parallel power optimizers ensure the parallel architecture and are used as an add-on by the installer to each solar panel. The parallel architecture is plug & play: the solar panel is connected to the power optimizer, which connects the solar panel in parallel to the inverter.

Easy Installing

3-wire cables

Femtogrid DC cables have 3 wires: hot (red), cold (blue) and safety (black), whilst standard solar DC cables used by traditional solar have 2 wires: plus (red) and minus (blue). The extra third wire gives Femtogrid the edge to control every single module in the system, as the hot wire is switched off by the safety wire. This makes Femtogrid the safest system.

*This product is currently unavailable.

Last update on 25 May 2023