Expressway A16 Tunnel De Groene Boog in Rotterdam

Project start/finish: 2019-2024


Highway A16 Tunnel De Groene Boog in Rotterdam


De Groene Boog is energy neutral, innovative and fits optimally into the environment. At the end of 2024, the road will open for traffic. Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure and Water Management: 'This is a great step towards the start of the construction of the A16 Rotterdam motorway. This completely new energy-neutral road in Rotterdam-North will ensure better traffic flow on the A13 and A20 motorways in this economically important region.' (translated red.)


DC System

Direct Current B.V. collaborates with Eaton and CroonWolter&Dros to enable a DC infrastructure. Direct Current B.V. supplies the DC system that provides the energy for all the lighting on DC in both Tunnel as well as the motorway connecting the highway A16 with the A13. Batteries distributed over the length will provide backup in case of an interruption on the AC side. 


Project Partners

  • Rijkswaterstaat (project owner)
  • TBI (CroonWolters&Dros -Eekels)
  • Eaton Industries Netherlands


About De Groene Boog

The consortium named De Groene Boog, a combination of Besix, Dura Vermeer, Van Oord, John Laing, Rebel and TBI, is responsible for the design, construction and pre-financing of the project, plus maintenance over a period of twenty years. The project budget is 984 million euros. 


More information and a video by Rijkswaterstaat the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management:



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