30/60/90 Watt 350V Public Light LED Driver

LED driver for Public Light applications based on a 350V unipolar or bipolar grid. 

Direct Current Ltd has developed an intelligent DC system that makes a DC smart grid possible for public lighting. This DC system combines electricity with communication. This is an innovation in the field of DC and is a unique concept of Direct Current Ltd, which is also the first in the world. By adding the communication to the DC system, the behavior of each lamp can be individually controlled and regulated, dimmed, or switched on/off, from a central management system.




  • Monitored
  • Power Line Communication G3 protcol
  • Operation hours
  • Led voltage and current
  • Dimming
  • Ramping up and down time based
  • Limitation of power per pole
  • Full control Relative of max power level
  • 30/60/90W version available
  • Driver IP 68 potted
  • Lighting protection 3kA per pole
  • Smart grid (Current/OS)
  • No inrush current



  • LED driver  97%
  • Standby power 1.2W including Power Line Communication
  • Internal power supply


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