DC Conference 2018 Interview Harry Stokman

15 June 2018

Video interview with Harry Stokman presented at the DC Conference DC=DeCent (DC Congres Groot Gelijk 2018) on 15 June 2018. 

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Why should we switch to direct current?

29 August 2016

Interview of Harry Stokman, DC expert and CEO Direct Current BV and DC Systems, by Business Channel One in Dutch.

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Green Deals initiatives from society

27 January 2015

Video promotion of the Green Deal programme by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, with one of the Green Deals our DC Project DC=DeCent.

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Impression DC Congress 2014 AC/DC

30 January 2014

The first DC Congress took place in the Netherlands, organized and sponsored by Direct Current B.V., Joulz, Siemens, Philips, TU Delft and Cigré.

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DC=DeCent worlds first DC grid

28 October 2013

Video by the municipal of Haarlemmermeer on worlds first smart DC grid of Direct Current B.V. / DC Systems B.V.

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Harry Stokman at the DC Technology Conference in Prague

October 4, 2013

During the "Realizing the Promise of DC Technology Conference of October 4th, 2013: Energizing Low-Income Communities" in Prague in Czech, Harry Stokman, CEO Direct Current BV, states the importance of Nupharo Technology Park for the DC technology now and in the future.

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Hazards of 12V DC Grids

6 March 2013

Video by DC Systems B.V. displaying the hazards of a 12V DC grid versus a 350V DC operating on our innovation of a smart DC breaker, the Current Router. 

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AC versus DC - Short Circuits on standard power grids

31 January 2013

Video by DC Systems B.V. displaying short circuit tests of a standard AC-grid protected by a conventional circuit breaker versus a DC-grid with our innovative smart DC breaker, the Current Router. 

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