DC Conference 2018 Interview Harry Stokman

15 June 2018

Video interview with Harry Stokman presented at the DC Conference DC=DeCent (DC Congres Groot Gelijk 2018) on 15 June 2018. 


DC Conference 2018: Interview with DC Expert Harry Stokman


Harry Stokman, also informally known as Mr. DC of Harry Gelijkspanning, has started his mission to put DC on the map since 2009. To make that possible, he and his DC team have developed a safe direct current microgrid on 350V DC.


As of 2018, this voltage has been standardised by the NEN (Dutch Standardisation Commission) and the innovation has also been applied successfully in various projects throughout the Netherlands.


Update in 2019: English transcript has been added to the video on YouTube.

Video was made by congress sponsor TKI Urban Energy. 


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