DC=DeCent worlds first DC grid

28 October 2013

Video by the municipal of Haarlemmermeer on worlds first smart DC grid of Direct Current B.V. / DC Systems B.V.


In the PrimAviera greenhouse horticulture area at Schiphol, the worlds first smart DC grids has been officially put into use. DC is more sustainable than the traditional AC, because fewer steps are required between energy generation and energy consumption. The construction of the DC grid at Vreeken Sierteelt greenhouse is the first step in the realization of a testing ground in the Haarlemmermeer with a regional energy infrastructure based on direct voltage. To achieve this, Direct Current B.V., Siemens Nederland and Joulz started the DC=DeCent partnership. 


While the pilot project 'DC and Sustainability in the Greenhouse' focuses on the development and testing of prototype DC fixtures and connection to the DC grid, pilot project DC=DeCent ensures a broader rollout in the greenhouse horticulture area in the Haarlemmermeer.


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