AC versus DC - Short Circuits on standard power grids

31 January 2013

Video by DC Systems B.V. displaying short circuit tests of a standard AC-grid protected by a conventional circuit breaker versus a DC-grid with our innovative smart DC breaker, the Current Router. 



Most people think that a DC grid is unconceivable because it cant be switched or would be unsafe or inefficient. The truth is that most appliances already work on DC.


The appliances all convert the AC internally to DC with inefficient PFC circuits. When you supply DC directly you can omit these stages and reduce component count, increase overall efficiency and increase lifetime.


DC requires another mindset and cant be approached or handled like AC (mechanically switched etc.), but with electronics it can be made much safer than AC. In this video we demonstrate the difference between an AC circuit breaker and an intelligent DC breaker. The results speak for themselves.


The same goes for earth leak detection, AC 30mA (shutdown 300ms) vs DC 1mA (~1us).


The following tests are demonstrated:

- 400Vac 16A C-Cart with 1kW lamp and 100meter cable.

- 700Vdc DC 6A fast blow 1kW lamp and 100meter cable.

- 700Vdc 16A electronic fuse 1kW lamp and 100meter cable (quite boring, no sparks).

- 700Vdc unprotected.


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