Public lighting by CityTec

Project start/finish: 2019-2020


Nieuw Reijerwaard door CityTec

Photo: Nieuw Reijerwaard Business Park


DC System

The public lighting system is based on the DC technology of Direct Current B.V. The DC lighting works on 350V Public Light LED Drivers and is connected to the smart DC microgrid that is protected and controlled by the Current Router and Current/OS.


350V Public Light LED Driver Current/OS based Current Router

Project Nieuw Reijerwaard Business Park

As part of the development of the sustainable energy system of the Nieuw Reijerwaard business park, a unique public lighting system based on direct current (DC) is implemented. The DC lighting system will be the largest in Europe and ensures more efficient use of energy, less use of resources and, at the same time, greater reliability.


Project Delft 

Information update soon. 



Project Partners

  • CityTec 
  • Engie
  • Direct Current B.V.



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