Project start/finish: 2011-2015


DC=DeCent (Decentralized Energy Horticulture on DC)  

In the project DC=Decent generated power of local CHPs is being linked to a management system for regulating demand and supply of electric energy. The linking is realized by means of a small-scale network on the basis of direct current (DC), wherein the real-limit is exceeded. In addition, the Electric Transport (EV) is being linked to the network, through which the horticulture is able to manage the charging of the EV.


This offers the following opportunities:

  • Strengthening the energy function of the horticulture.
  • New revenue model for horticultural companies.
  • Reduction of additional costs of the infrastructure of EV.
  • For the continuation beyond the pilot phase, a business case for the bridge restaurant along the A4 highway, which adjoins the horticultural area.
  • Option for permanent pilot site on direct current.


Vision IPIN DC=DeCent (Decentralized Energy Horticulture on DC)


MVDC/LVDC Converter

Within the IPIN program (Innovation Program Intelligent Networks), DC=Decent is a part of the research and development projects developing a DC/DC converter from of a medium voltage to low voltage.

These converters are multifunctional in the following areas:

  • DC power for data centers
  • Link with storage possibly combined with a BMS system
  • Solar panels parks
  • Chargers for EV


The latest techniques are used for these converters and they are now digitalized, and as a result of this, the behavior becomes fully parameterizable which makes DC very safe to use.



At this moment, we develop a DC to DC converter that converts +/-7kV or +/-14kVdc to +/-700Vdc. This converter does not yet exist and should be fully developed. For the converter, the starting points are the following:

  • Efficiency >98%
  • Redundant
  • Compatible with LVDC infrastructure
  • Compatible with MVDC infrastructure
  • Modular set
  • Interchangeable while in operation
  • Power 50 or 100kW per module
  • Communication between distribution network and locally is seperated
  • Power meters and registration


DC and Sustainability in the Greenhouse  

This DC=DECENT project is connected to our previous project DC and Sustainability in the Greenhouse. For DC=DECENT a DC user is required to demonstrate this pilot project. In order to test DC infrastructures we have chosen for the horticulture in a closed environment. The current test location is Bouvardia Grower Vreeken.


At the moment, there are 51 fixtures of 600W installed to test the demo in scale 30kW DC to make the next step possible. In the next phase, the project will be expanded to 1MW growth light. This is made possible in co-operation with the organization Duurzaam Bedrijf Haarlemmermeer  


Solar meadow

At present, a research is taking place together with Solar Green Point for linking their solar meadows of 2MW peak to our DC grid in order to increase the efficiency of the PV system and thereby strengthening the business case of the solar meadows further more.  



DC=DeCent (Decentralized Energy Horticulture on DC)




Project partners

  • Direct Current BV
  • Hellas Rectifiers 
  • Joulz
  • Siemens
  • DC Foundation Netherlands 
  • Stallingsbedrijf Glastuinbouw Nederland




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