USB-C 100W Wall Socket outlet

The standard socket connected to a 350Vdc grid. For powering small DC devices up to 100W conform the PD standard in the USB-C. 

This is our answer for DC sockets in homes, and offices based on the 350Vdc grid and Current/OS.



  • Wall enclosure
  • Fully isolated from the grid
  • >97% efficiency
  • 100W max USB power
  • USB-C socket up to 20V 5A (100W)
  • USB-PD  power protocol
  • USB-A socket  5V 1.5A
  • 350Vdc input voltage
  • Current/OS 350Vdc compatible
  • Compatible with the Current Routers as protection device



  • USB-C  efficiency 97%
  • USB-A efficiency including housekeeping 80%
  • Standby power 0.5W
  • Internal power supply



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