AC/DC Active Front End (AFE) (indoor placement)

The AFE is the interface between the AC grid and the DC grid. This device is bidirectional 50kW, 100kW, 150kW, 200kW versions in 350Vdc or 700Vdc DC grid voltage.


The Active Front End has the the following functionality:


  • Safe DC grid bidirectional
  • Isolation transformer
  • Black start from the DC side
  • In case of batteries  UPS function
  • Autarky mode OFF grid in case of batteries
  • Emergency mode
  • Constant Power factor = 1
  • In Modules of 50kW
  • 50/100/150kw/200kW Versions
  • 350Vdc or 700Vdc versions
  • Connection for PV systems
  • Integrated System controller (ARC)
  • Current/OS (voltage level & communication)
  • In case of multiple modules it puts itself in cascade mode. Auto stepping in steps of 50kW
  • Routing PV power directly to load
  • IGBT based (SiC versions 2018)
  • 48Vdc Safety bus for PV  system
  • Intern or External MS-SQL database for logging
  • Power monitoring



  • PV panel to Load efficiency 97%
  • Nominal voltage 700Vdc or 350Vdc
  • Internal power supply
  • RS485 main control MODBUS / SCADA based
  • up to 30 Current Routers
  • Forced air cooled
  • -10..40 degree Celsius operation ambient
  • AC grid versions 3 phases  200, 230, 380, 400, 415, 440, 480, 660, 690V


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