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DC Systems B.V. is a world leading innovator with a specialization in power electronics. In-house we have more than 30 years of knowledge and experience in the field of direct current. With a passionate team we are constantly expanding the market and possibilities for direct current networks. In recent years we have proven that a DC network with the DC technology we have developed is ready to replace and improve the traditional and current AC networks.

We develop products for the new markets:

Applications in Office and Utility Building
Applications in EV Charging
Applications in Public Lighting
and in a later phase, for example for our "Second Grid"
Applications in Horticulture
Combiner boxes for solar installations
Active Front Ends of 50kW… 1MW

Our DC Team

HArry Stokman

DC Standards and DC Expert

DC Team

Join us in building a DC world!

Sebastian Greiner

Director and Acting General Manager


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Innovations Goals

Many elements for a DC grid were absent since the whole world focuses on AC products. To make a DC grid possible we needed to innovate a lot. For this purpose DC Systems' sister company Direct Current B.V. was founded in 2009 to research and develop showcases for DC implementation.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We value the importance of corporate social responsibility as the mission and vision of our company lies in the heart of our society and the world. 

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