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With  Hellas Rectifiers B.V. we have been serving the Cathodic Protection and Plating markets for over 30 years. With Direct Current B.V. we developed a great DC Microgrid protocol as well as product portfolio actually allowing the energy transition to succeed.

Our highly skilled R&D staff are in the process of developing a DC based cathodic protection and plating product portfolio. Another reason to integrate the sales processes of the Hellas applications with applications developed by Direct Current B.V. 

DC Systems B.V. performs the function of front office for both Direct Current B.V. as well as Hellas Rectifiers B.V. As of the beginning of 2019, all sales-as well as purchasing functions are taken care of by DC Systems B.V.

Our DC Team

HArry Stokman

Founder / CEO 
DC Standards and DC Expert

DC Team

Join us in building a DC world!

Michiel Arnoldy

Commercial Director
Business Development


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Innovations Goals

Many elements for a DC grid were absent since the whole world focuses on AC products. To make a DC grid possible we needed to innovate a lot. For this purpose Direct Current B.V. was founded in 2009.  

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We value the importance of corporate social responsibility as the mission and vision of our company lies in the heart of our society and the world. 

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