We have developed components for the DC world in various implementations globally.

Last update on 18 June 2024

Smart outdoor A single DC infrastructure connected with street lighting, solar road biking paths with integrated solar panels, sound barriers with solar panels, battery storage for grid support, and security components, a security monitoring service provided by Luminext.

Smart cities Sensor integration with street lights on our DC system, which can monitor, for example, the level of fullness in the waste glass container; CO2 sensors in the street lighting or detection of people to automatically change the lighting level. The possibilities are endless.

Homes Heat pumps, ventilation, lighting, USB sockets C, and solar panels, all connected to a DC smart grid in homes, which can eventually be connected to a DC grid in the streets.

Offices Heat pumps, ventilation, lighting USB sockets C, solar panels, all connected to a DC smart grid in offices, where we can realize smaller connections with congestion management.

Horticulture DC grow lights where the CHP is also linked to the DC grid we developed, where the connected gas engines may have a variable speed.

Solar parks fully on a local DC grid and connected to the DC grid of net operators.

Network operators The future DC Grid Station for which we have developed the AC/DC converter, which we connect directly with our medium-voltage transformer.

ASR EV chargers
Smart Car Charging at A.S.R.

Charging and discharging EVs for a future sustainable energy transition with Dutch insurance leader in Utrecht.

Circl entrance
ABN Amro's Circl Building

ABN AMRO Bank's Pavilion at the Zuidas in Amsterdam: the most sustainable, circular building.

N470 street view
Highway N470

The first road to be CO2-negative renewed over its entire length, improving traffic flow and safety perception to the latest insights.

Nieuw Reijerwaard map
Public Lighting Citytec

The DC lighting system will be the largest in Europe and ensures more efficient use of energy, less use of resources and, at the same time, greater reliability.

TU Delft Pulse technical room
Pulse Building of Delft University of Technology

The very first building on a university campus that is energy-neutral in the Netherlands.

Eaton solarpanels hengelo 20161213 eatonmagazine 900x645
Demo DC Grid Hengelo with Eaton

As a demonstration and research and development project on sustainability and renewable energy, a demo grid is being realised on the premise of Eaton in the Netherlands.

Stroomversnelling soesterberg image
Energy Neutral Homes in Stroomversnelling

Energy meter adds up to zero on an annual basis by harvesting renewable energy through solar panels, at a standard energy consumption of the house.

2019 Erasmus project
EU Project Erasmus+ South Africa

European Union project ERASMUS+ "Direct Current Technology: Renewable Energy Education and Skill Development in South Africa" (DCT-REES)

Smart kitchen unsplash
DC Domestic Appliances

To convert the power supply of existing equipment, such as induction hobs, hot air ovens etc.

Greenhouse unsplash
DC and Sustainability in the Greenhouse

Energy conservation by centralizing conversion of AC to DC in the greenhouse instead of local conversion in each of the lighting fixtures.

Dc flexhouse
DC Flexhouse

To have a plug-and-play installation method that creates a competitive alternative to current renovation projects in terms of both costs and lead time.

DC growlights

Generated power of local CHPs is being linked to a management system for regulating demand and supply of electric energy.

Schiphol Logistics Park
Schipol Trade Park

A showcase for the most sustainable business park in Europe, on the WESTAS in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

DOE DC collage

Demonstration Development Energy Infrastructure DC project realizes a demo farm where large-scale generators and customers of direct current are connected within their own electricity network.

Green deal DC
Green Deal DC Haarlemmermeer

DC=DeCent includes a unique and sustainable electricity gridon the basis of direct current (DC) in the Haarlemmermeer.

OMALA Lelystad Airport Businesspark
Lelystad Airport Business Park (LAB) by Omala

The first Dutch business park where a hybrid energy network is constructed; allows entrepreneurs to use AC and DC to save time.

DC OVL schema
Pilots Public Lighting in Four Municipals

A series of 4 pilot projects started in May 2014 with public lighting, realized by CityTec.

Luminext streetlighting
Port of Amsterdam Smart Public Lighting on DC

Pilot project with smart public lighting on bicycle paths powered by DC.

USB-C for DC Grids

USB works better in DC networks in homes and offices. Project partners take this opportunity.

Smart Lofts blok 61
Smart Lofts Strijp-S blok 61 Eindhoven

First apartment buildings in the Netherlands with direct current (DC).

EU flag
EU Project ENLEB

European funded project of Interreg Vlaanderen - Nederland: ENLEB (EnergieNeutraal LEvensloopbestendig Bouwen)