Corporate Social Responsibility

Last update on 14 February 2023
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Local Contribution

As an active part of the community, we ´╗┐value the importance of corporate social responsibility.

  • We strive for a paperless office. We promote this with our suppliers through digital invoices.
  • Through our developments in DC, we work hard on the foundation of the energy infrastructure to enable a real chance for renewable energy.
  • We believe that companies have a responsibility to their local area. We act on our responsibility by sponsoring the local badminton club.

We are also proactive in a number of other domains:


  • We coach several practical trainees and graduate students.
  • We participate in the professional committee of the Hague College.
  • We regularly give lectures on HBO Electrical Engineering. We are of the opinion that SMEs have a major impact on innovations and that these should be fostered by the colleges and universities.


  • We do our best to create an inspiring workplace for our team, where creativity is important and encouraging the awareness of the social role of the technicians. We believe that much can be solved by technical means allowing humans and animals to have a better life.
  • We also share our specialistic knowledge with work groups of political parties. And where possible, we promote DC within the government for the general interest. We do this directly through the DC Foundation to which we are very much committed to give our support.