With a sustainergy - sustainable energy - transition, our vision of a DC infrastructure materializes. DC is the future, and the future is today.

Last update on 26 June 2023
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To make DC distribution a reality

We believe that DC is the future and the basis for a sustainable world. The reduction of energy supply encourages consumers to be energy-conscious, leading to consequent energy saving in society.

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A complete DC system

Our vision of a secure, self-sufficient, sustainable system.

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Why DC?

With such a highly electrified world, we now face congestion issues in the current AC grid. Additionally, the scarcity of fossil fuels and increasing environmental problems call for a greener solution with Direct Current energy.

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The Second Grid

Our DC system does not require real time monitoring or large IT systems, making it self-sufficient and future proof. Implementing a second DC grid parallel to the existing AC network helps us achieve sustainergy distribution.

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Back in 2009, Direct Current B.V. started to research and develop the missing links to make a DC infrastructure possible. Since then, we have made many breakthrough innovations worldwide.

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Sustainable Development and Innovation Goals

We have adopted UNICEF’s sustainable development goals as the standard, a majority of which require consistent supply of electricity.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

As an active part of the community and contributor of sustainable energy systems, we value the importance of corporate social responsibility.

Current OS Grid
What is Current OS?

A foundation that provides an open protocol and clear guidelines on manufacturing products that work in a Current OS based DC environment.