Legacy Companies

Before DC Systems, we operated under various companies known for specializations in the electrical field.

Last update on 24 November 2022

Amstel Rectifiers

AC-DC converters or rectifiers used in several applications, including Cathodic Protection, Plating, Electrolysis and Battery charging.

We built Amstel Rectifiers for optimal Cathodic Protection used in different applications:
Pipelines: Gas or oil pipes.
Ships: Impressed Current Cathodic Protection for ships.
Storage Tanks: Inside or outside cathodic protection.
On-Shore: Such as water defense infrastructure.
OFF-Shore: Such as well heads, off-shore platforms, or other.
Concrete Structures: Such as parking buildings, tunnels, or other.
Jetties: Custom build solutions for all kinds of jetties.

We have also specifically designed Amstel Rectifiers for applications in Electrocoagulation EDI, Hypochlorite and Water treatment.

Hellas Rectifiers

Former in-house manufacturer of DC components and rectifiers for electro-chemical processes.

For applications, such as desert and harsh environments, we built large Oil or Air Cooled Transformer Rectifiers build by our production department Hellas Rectifiers B.V., with 60 years of building history and knowledge on rectifiers.

Femtogrid Energy Solutions

DC/DC converters for solar panels, used to connect PV directly to a DC infrastructure.