A Smarter Grid

DC is the future

Much like the popular rock band, we top the charts. We develop safe, reliable and efficient innovations in the field of Direct Current. We believe that DC is the basis for a sustainable world, and the future of DC is now.


What is a DC system?

With energy savings, CO2 reduction and copper reduction, DC systems prove to be more efficient, resilient and secure.


Sustainable Development Goals

A DC infrastructure is the key element to make electricity affordable and accessible to all. A smart DC grid meets many of the following Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN.

Innovative DC Projects

DC Developments

We have realized innovative, smart DC systems for several projects in utility buildings, offices, public and commercial areas. We continue to develop significant solutions for a sustainergy - sustainable energy - transition.



With our groundbreaking innovations in DC, we enter competitions with themes like Sustainability, Technology, and Renewable Energy.