We are eager to welcome all interested individuals in the electrical industry - from students and young professionals to technical executives.

Last update on 29 September 2023
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DC Culture

  • A few million chances to develop ideas and make an impact.
  • Being at the forefront of innovation - we are disrupting the future of the electrical system.
  • A challenging and passionate work environment with a flat hierarchy.
  • Working in a highly skilled environment with access to worldwide specialists in the Schneider Eco-structure.
  • Independence and flexibility of a start-up while reaping the advantages of connections to a bigger organization.

Join our Geek Garage

We have a broad and complementary team of research developers with exemplary experience in the fields of:

  • Power electronics
  • High currents
  • High voltage
  • Software
  • Communication
  • Firmware
  • Analog technology
  • Digital technology
  • Planning and Project Management
  • Production and Manufacturing

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Geek Garage: our DC Lab