Public Lighting

With the reduction of raw material, saving of energy and possibility of long distance applications, our smart system allows for devices like LED lights to be seamlessly connected to the grid.

Last update on 27 September 2023
Public lighting

AC powered DC Street Lighting

Compared with classical AC systems, our DC system provides Solid State Protection - limited short circuit currents and ultra-fast breaking - which gives flexibility to public lighting applications by allowing for longer stretches of lighting with smaller cross sections.
Additionally, public lighting with DC provides Residual Current Detection (RCD) measurement. Although this is present in AC systems, when a long cable is laid in the ground, it creates a capacitive coupling triggering the RCD. With DC, this is not the case. With our AM1L, there is also an added layer of cybersecurity that does not require data or internet connection.

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DC lighting with AM1L

DC Microgrids for Street Lighting

Since the public lighting system can be integrated with renewable energy sources such as PV panels and battery energy storage, this proves an ideal use case for a self-sufficient DC microgrid.

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Current OS making DC grids possible

Current OS defines the voltage levels, communication, and priority settings of devices. It allows autonomous shifting of power based on the requirement. When devices don't need more power, it is transported back to the grid with its bidirectional connection.