Besides reducing the costs for the electricity grid, DC grids allow us to better balance the energy bill as well as smaller energy storage than in the current AC grids, helping us evolve into a more sustainable society.

Last update on 29 September 2023

We provide DC systems on an infrastructural level, focusing on safety, efficiency, controllability, and savings on energy and raw material.

We have realised DC applications with the following technology:

  • Current OS: the software layer used within this network where privacy violation is impossible, containing the Operating System of the currents and the Priority System.
  • Solid State Protection with state-of-the-art Current Router: security system and power management modules; electronic breakers “short circuit and overload,” leakage current, and ARC detection.
  • LED Drivers 350VDC.
  • USB-C 100W power outlets including data.
  • AC/DC converter station.
  • Corrosion protection.
Office building
Office, Utility Buildings & Homes

Smart DC grid applications in offices and homes create an ecosystem that allows visibility of appliances and provides connectivity within the building. By adopting a sustainable system that prioritizes self-sufficiency and reliability, customers can achieve long-term cost and energy savings with DC.

Public lighting
Public Lighting

With the reduction of raw material, energy savings and possibility of long distance applications, our smart DC systems allow for devices like LED lights to be seamlessly connected to the local grid.

EV charger
EV Charging

An EV charger that works on DC and connected to a smart microgrid brings a solution for today's congested AC grids at an infrastructural level.


Integration to the smart grid results in reduced material and increased product lifespan. With growlights connected to DC drivers, the future of the greenhouse market is looking bright.

Hoek van Holland
Cathodic Protection

Certified Amstel Rectifiers Manufacturer
Our production department Hellas Rectifiers B.V. is a certified builder of Amstel rectifiers which have been in the market for over 30 years.


Custom is our Standard
The Amstel Rectifier is the successor of the TREDF Rectifiers. Over 25,000 Amstel Rectifiers have been sold for EPL and Reel to Reel machines in electronic production industries.