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We realise innovative smart DC systems for utility buildings, offices, public and commercial areas, on an infrastructural level. We focus on DC safety, efficiency and energy savings.

Last update on 04 March 2024

'Sustainergy' MVPs

DC Systems, headquartered in Netherlands, is a global company offering innovative smart systems on Direct Current (DC). We are the leader in innovations in the field of development of safety applications and controls for smart DC microgrids in public and commercial areas, and homes. In collaboration with our partners in the novel Current/OS foundation, we create systems that are the fundament of a sustainable energy transition.

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In January 2021, DC Systems joined Schneider Electric, the global specialist for digital energy management and automation solutions with more than 188,000 employees in over 100 countries. The addition of DC Systems’ expertise reinforces Schneider Electric’s expertise to provide resilient and sustainable energy infrastructures for relevant applications such as building microgrids in unreliable public grid environments, or long-distance applications such as public lighting.