Current OS

The need for local power generation has grown in interest in the recent years, and is already quickly becoming a necessity for many places.
The solution? Smart, resilient DC microgrids

Last update on 14 February 2023

Most parts of the Netherlands have already reached maximum grid capacity at an alarming rate.

To meet the needs of the overworked electrical grid, we need to move to scalable DC grid architectures. Since the current systems are not well-adapted to DC distribution, we require a new standard or protocol that addresses all the concerns of working with DC.

Current OS provides just that: it defines all systems aspects for loads and sources such as voltage levels, protection, grounding, corrosion mitigation etc.

In collaboration with Schneider Electric and Eaton, we have developed a set of rules allowing to design scalable DC grid architectures.

To assure the availability of these system aspects to any product manufacturer, the Current/OS Foundation was set up. As the foundation aims to come to a unified standard for grid control purposes, it provides to its partners an open and clear set of guidelines on how to manufacture products that work in a Current/OS based DC environment. Major electrical corporations such as ABB are supporting us to make this protocol a global standard for DC infrastructures.