Innovation Goals

Our Research and Development company Direct Current B.V. has been established in 2009 with the mission of making a DC infrastructure possible. Before we started, a DC grid was not possible because of many missing links, such as safety and controllability. Many elements for DC grids were absent since the whole world focuses on AC products. To make a DC grid possible we needed to innovate a lot. 


To achieve this goal, there were many obstacles we had to overcome, such as technical hurdles and also on political level and standardisation. It was believed impossible for many years that a small company could move mountains, and we proved that miracles do happen, with ardous efforts and a strong belief that DC is the foundation of the transition to a sustainable electrical system.


We are making innovations for the following issues:

  • Developing a standard system where DC and communication merge: DC2.
  • Safety and selectivity in the DC grid: we develop DC automation and safety systems. Developing a standard for safety classes.
  • Voltage levels: we do a lot of research on finding the best standard, there are many initiatives in this area, but these are all developed regarding a specific application. We work from top down to enable a broad application of DC grids in homes, industry, and distribution of medium and low voltage.
  • Infrastructure: for large installations with high currents, we develop special DC busses (e.g. in horticulture, data centers or industry).
  • Converters: there are many types of converters needed within the standard of communication and voltage range. We develop these converters from several kilowatts to thousands of kilowatts. Where two quadrant operation, durability, efficiency and raw materials are central.



  • The DC system defined as an open system and a fully-fledged alternative to the existing AC system.
  • Secure concept for safety within DC grids.
  • We established a foundation for efficient integration of sustainable energy and consumption.
  • We developed an operating system "Current/OS" (COS) that takes care of the applications within a direct-voltage grid, where the emphasis lies on congestion management within a DC microgrid.
  • We developed "Current Routers" (CR) these are decentralized connection nodes where communication and security are controlled. This is a step further than a Smart Grid!
  • A Master Plan developed in which the grid operators can directly organise an LVDC connection for customers.
  • Devised Measurement Codes; still in the process of having it accepted as standard.
  • We laid the foundation for the ± 350Vdc and ± 700Vdc grid Voltage Quality Definition as part of the grid codes.
  • Developed a DC System in which privacy is taken into account in the basis. And where privacy does not have to be secured because there is simply no infrastructure available in which outsiders can access the source. However, if users connect devices to the Internet, this situation can arise. But the DC grid itself is not part of the internet!
  • DC Standardisation: Harry stokman, CEO DC Systems B.V. is very active in the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in several groups such as the SEG 4 and SEG 6. Due to his effort the DC workgroup within the Dutch standardisation committee NEN1010 was started in 2013 in which he resided as the chairman. As a result, the first Practical Guideline for DC installations, the NPR 9090, was formally established in 2018.
  • Internationally we have made the Netherlands a leader in the field of DC.
  • We set up DC programs and courses with universities and colleges, so that DC is now available for students.  
  • A lot of support has been achieved for DC and it is taken serious now by the energy market.
  • Large-scale upscaling within the DOE-DC project.
  • Made commercial cases in which DC beats AC. So a market has been created which ultimately has a positive effect on the Dutch corporate. 



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