Active Front End (AFE)


  • Isolated DC output for 350V or 700V Systems
  • Bidirectional power flow
  • Suitable for PV applications and DC loads
  • 700V or 350V grids with COS compatibility
  • Current OS Protocol compliant
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Communication ports:
    • RS485 MODBUS AC Side for AC parameters and grid operator functionality.
    • RS485 MODBUS DC Side for DC parameters and Current/OS functionality
    • USB-B connector for user config and monitoring
  • Can be combined with:
    • FG-SPO-xxx PV solar micro converters for 350V systems
    • AMPT PV string optimizer for 700V systems
    • Solid-state Current Routers
    • Hybrid Current Routers
    • DC/DC Battery converters
Last update on 26 June 2023