Battery Integration

Products that allow a safe coupling of battery systems from multiple vendors to a DC grid.


Battery Charger

A coupling device used between the DC grid and battery systems; suitable for applications such peak shaving, emergency system (UPS) and grid-congestion management. It ensures autonomous operation without the need for external control and protect against multiple type of fault such grid side Peak Current fault, overvoltage, battery overvoltage protection.




  • Galvanic isolation between DC input & output on standby
  • Solid-state protection for shorts against the grid
  • Droop control
  • Bidirectional power flow
  • Unipolar 350Vdc
  • DC TCN Connection
  • Efficiency > 98%
  • Safety wire
  • RS485 Modbus or USB-B for user configuration
  • Current/OS compatible
  • 100 % digital based on a DSP
  • Firmware can be updated