Current Router

The Current Router is the replacement of a passive distribution panel on 700Vdc 16A or 350Vdc 16A based on the Current/OS.

The Current Router will have the following functionality: 

  • Output and Input Current Limiting
  • Earth Fault protection 1...30mA adjustable from 10mS..0.1S for fault currents > 30mA <3mS for 350Vdc grids and <1mS for 700Vdc grids
  • Protection against a short directly at the outgoing terminals
  • Protection against a short at the incoming DC bus
  • Congestion management by Data based on the Current/OS
  • Data router for an hierarchy structure
  • Power Line Communication G3 protocol
  • Monitoring energy
  • Metering energy consumption <0.1% accurate temperature compensated
  • Modulair concept based on ABB 3 phase bus modules 
  • Black start the DC bus
  • 2x digital inputs and 2x digital outputs
  • ON/OFF button with reset function
  • LED status indicators
  • Discharge output in case of error <10ms



  • Nominal current 16Adc
  • Nominal voltage 700Vdc or 350Vdc
  • Internal power supply
  • RS485 main control MODBUS / SCADA based
  • <8uS fault detection current stays guaranteed below 32A in case of a direct short on the output terminals
  • <8W dispassion at 16A output current
  • -20..55 degree Celsius operation ambient
  • 20A DC fuse internal for backup in case of semiconductor failure


Please Contact DC Systems for more information. 



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