Minister Verhagen appoints DC=DECENT one of the 9 Smart Grids

5 December 2011
Verhagen Minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation has appointed nine places in the Netherlands where electricity smart grids will be built.

Last update on 01 February 2022

The minister has awarded Direct Current BV a Green Deal for the pilot project named DC=DeCent (decentralized energy network horticulture). In this Green Deal, the Ministry commits itself to facilitate Direct Current BV by approving experiments to be done outside the regulation. One of these nine places is Haarlemmermeer, at PrimAviera, where Direct Current BV will develop and implement a medium-voltage and low voltage DC network.

The smart microgrid will be constructed in the greenhouse area along the A4 in the Haarlemmermeer. The pilot project is a developement by Direct Current BV in The Netherlands. Direct Current BV does so in direct collaboration with Joulz, Siemens, Stallingsbedrijf Glastuinbouw, Kema, and the Direct Current Foundation.

Decentralized DC Grid

In the sustainable horticulture area PrimAviera near Schiphol (Haarlemmermeer) a DC smart grid will be built by using large-scale solar panels and a thermal power cogeneration plant (CHP). This leads to energy savings and facilitates exchanges of electricity towards the horticulture and the charging stations for electric vehicles. The project realizes a local private DC smart grid in new greenhouse area, where the demand of end users and the supply of renewable energy can be met in a flexible way and integrated in the process without any use of converters. The DC smart grid has a flexible linking and balance function.