Powertrain Electrical Mobility

1 November 2010


Direct Current B.V., Delft B.V. InnoSys, and TU Delft, invest, on their own title, in developing a new integrated drive system (drive train), sponsored by EL & I as a part of the HTAS Program by the Government.



The interpretation of the integrated system (drive train) is as follows: 

  1. Development of a new asynchronous machine (electric);
  2. Development of a new technical inverter;
  3. Development of a new dc / dc converter;
  4. Development of a new feeder system;
  5. Development Battery Management System, user interface and central computer.


The development should lead to a greatly improved drive-train in which all parts are aligned. These improvements should lead to:

  • low pricing of components;
  • reduction of components;
  • high performance of the components;
  • significantly improved reproducibility and availability of components;
  • greatly improved ease of loading and better control of the system;
  • a modular system with easy to replace defective parts.


As long as the above-mentioned objectives are not met, and the current situation maintains, this will form an obstruction to a broad market introduction of electric vehicle technology.


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