Cooperation With BAAS to Realize The Second Grid

December 13, 2017
Direct Current BV wants to make a DC infrastructure possible. It therefore develops innovative products and systems to meet our energy needs in a sustainable way.

Last update on 01 February 2022

The Start of A Nice Collaboration Between Direct Current B.V. and BAAS

The capacity of the electricity grid must be expanded for the energy transition. Extending and adapting the existing AC network has major consequences. The construction of a second direct-voltage grid is a good alternative. The construction of a Second Grid requires a comparable investment, but the construction can easily take place in phases without a major impact on the existing energy supply. DC voltage fits better with the way electricity is generated, stored and used now and in the future. With the rise of electric transport, the increase of solar panels and the development of Zero-on-the-Meter homes, it is a logical step.

Baas B.V. has extensive experience with the rollout of large-scale energy grids and has the knowledge and manpower to build the Second Grid. Baas stands for innovation and move with the times. We support Direct Current BV's mission and are therefore very pleased with the cooperation.

In the collaboration, both will further develop the concept of the Second Grid, provide pilot projects and gain experience with all the components required for the rollout of a DC grid.