CEN-CENELEC Standards + Innovation Contributor Award 2019 Nomination

The Dutch standardization committee NEN has nominated Harry Stokman of Direct Current B.V. for the CEN-CENELEC Standards + Innovation Contributor Award 2019.

Last update on 01 February 2022

CEN and CENELEC are launching the two annual Standards+Innovation Awards to acknowledge the important contribution of research and innovation to standardization and celebrate the contributions of researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs to standardization. The winner will be announced on the European conference Boosting Innovation through standards – Your Gateway to the market in Brussels on 13th November 2019. This high-level event is organised by CEN and CENELEC, two of the officially recognised European standardization organizations.

Nomination: Harry Stokman of Direct Current B.V.

"Direct current (DC) transmission of electricity offers a very important possibility for a compatible system worldwide and an accelerator of the energy transition. That is what Harry Stokman and his company Direct Current BV are working on. He and his DC team have developed a DC system that is a groundbreaking innovation, the missing link that makes a DC grid possible.

Harry is deeply involved in relevant standardization work in TC64 and TC8, and convenor of TC64 WG DC, in the IEC System Committee LVDC (in full: Low Voltage Direct Current for Electricity Access) and convenor of SyC LVDC WG2. He already has been awarded the 1906 Award by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) as a recognition for his dedication to further LVDC. He is now organizing, in cooperation with the Technical University of Delft, a General IEC Conference and Meeting in January 2020 for all TC’s for DC alignment (the "DC Summit on Low Voltage DC Grids", red.).

Most recently, on 11 October 2019, he was the winner of the 2019 NENnovation award for Dutch standardization and innovation."

European Conference Boosting Innovation Through Standards

This high-level 1-day event aims to boost the market uptake of innovation and research outcomes by using standardization as an enabler. Leading experts in innovation and standardization will present their experiences in linking the two worlds and highlighting how each one is benefiting from the other. Thematic parallel sessions will allow detailed insight into the various aspects of standardization.

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