DC Smart Grids in South Africa

8 July 2014
Direct Current B.V. and parties in Cape Town will collaborate to develop and realize a smart grid on DC in the Townships of Cape Town.

Last update on 01 February 2022

In front from left to right: Tim Zijderveld (Joulz), (Professor Nicolaas Beute, CPUT) and Harry Stokman (Direct Current BV). In the back: Minister Lilianne Ploumen (Dutch Ministry of Foreign Trade and Development), and Ian Neilson (Deputy mayor of Cape Town).

In this innovative DC smart grid project, a 350 VDC smart grid will be developed and implemented. The DC system solves issues with high-power loads, such as stoves, reduces risk of fire and is able to work with local and community-owned generation. Minister Ploumen of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Development of the Netherlands and Deputy Mayor Ian Nielson of Cape Town were present at the signing ceremony.

In the homes the USB PD outlets are used as standard. The 350 VDC system offers at a later stage options for local or centralized storage, and is suitable to charge electric motors and scooters, for example. In collaboration with Stellenbosch University and CPUT, this technological breakthrough will be implemented with close attention to all social and economical aspects.

Cape Town, the capital of South Africa, is this year's World Design Capital 2014 (WDC 2014). In this context, the Dutch government facilitates 'Corporate Netherlands' in Cape Town to showcase as well as to boot projects and technology from the Netherlands. For this reason, the Dutch Consulate in Cape Town has established the Department of Design to give the Dutch research and industry the opportunity to present itself to the South African public.

Department of Design has organized a workshop on the potential of DC grids and smart grids in South Africa. On July 9, 2014 as an introduction to this workshop Harry Stokman Direct Current BV and Tim Zijderveld of Joulz BV, also board members of the Dutch DC Foundation, will present their ongoing innovative projects with DC grids in the Netherlands in a lecture.