Runner-Up Environment Award of the European Commission

October 27, 2016
Direct Current BV has been awarded the runner-up of the 2016-2017 European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE).

Last update on 01 February 2022

With the recommendation of the Dutch government, Direct Current BV applied with the theme title: “DC grids, the missing link to a sustainable future.” Of 148 finalists from 21 countries, a total of 23 have been shortlisted for six EBAE Awards. Remarkably, only four "micro" sized businesses (SME), including Direct Current BV, have secured a place among the 23 finalists. The placement in the finals for the environmental award by the European Commission, has put Direct Current BV, and the Netherlands as well, in the spotlight internationally, in the field of sustainable innovation.

Enabling Smart Cities

The jurors’ feedback was laudatory: “This project was extremely popular amongst the jurors. The idea of utilising direct currents struck the jury as a highly original idea, which is applicable in a variety of cases. The possibility for the enabling of smart-cities through reducing costs and material use is very promising.”
The award ceremony was held on 27th of October in Tallinn, Estonia, as part of the Eco-AP Forum. The winner and runners-up were presented with an EBAE certificate by Joanna Drake, the Deputy Director General of DG ENV of the European Commission.

Breakthrough for the DC Grid by adding Intelligence and Safety

The Current Router and the operating system of the currents, Current OS, developed by Direct Current BV, have been a breakthrough for the DC grid by adding intelligence and safety. An innovation that brings smart cities within reach. Moreover, a smart DC grid system saves on energy, resources, conversion losses, and maintenance. All this makes the social and operational costs much lower through the whole chain, from net operators down to users.

EBAE DC Awards View

In the middle, Harry Stokman, CEO Direct Current BV, with the EBAE runners-up certificate.

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