Scoop First DC Smart Grid in center of Musselkanaal in Stadskanaal

November 20th, 2014
The municipality Stadskanaal has taken the new public lighting in use officially.

Last update on 01 February 2022

Stadskanaal Energy Neutral

A total of 44 new light poles with LED fixtures are placed in the center of Musselkanaal. The DC smart grid has been developed by Direct Current BV and the public lighting has been constructed by CityTec in cooperation with ELEQ, Joulz, Lightwell and Luminext. This is the second project for public lighting using LED lights connected to a DC smart grid. Haarlemmermeer municipality went ahead with the first project in the industrial park De Liede. With this, Stadskanaal has a scoop to be the first municipality with a DC smart grid in the center of the residential area of the city Musselkanaal.

Twelve of them have a "skin" of solar panels with a windmill on top. Solar panels are installed on the roof of the stage on the city square. The center of Musselkanaal is dynamically lit and monitored so that the desired lighting pole can be switched on and off, and any problems with a specific lighting pole can be solved quickly. For the lighting on the sports field you can download an mobile app that allows the lighting poles to switch on or off. During the meeting "Stadskanaal Energy Neutral" in Musselkanaal, the official opening ceremony took place for taking the new public lighting into use by the aldermen Roelof Plieger and Peter Gelling of the municipality.

Sustainable Innovation

Data traffic has been made possible by the development of a smart DC net. Harry Stokman, CEO of Direct Current BV, has coined the term DC2, namely the combination of DC with Communication. This makes remote intelligent control of lighting possible, for example, each lighting separately can be switched on and off as desired, and malfunctions are automatically reported in order to be quickly corrected. This also yields a costs saving for the municipality on top of the energy savings from the LED lighting and material cost savings through the use of DC.

For more information, read the project sheet CityTec (in Dutch): Openbare verlichting op gelijkspanning - gemeente Stadskanaal. (Translation: Public lighting on DC - municipality Stadskanaal)