Vote for DC=DECENT at the P-Nuts Awards 2013!

25 March 2013
We have entered the P-Nuts Award 2013: "Leaders in sustainable energy" competition with our ongoing project DC=DECENT.

Last update on 01 February 2022

At this moment, in our project DC=DECENT, we are testing a DC smart grid, designed and installed by our company, in a test area assigned to us by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. This is the first DC grid and DC system in the world that connects DC generators and the DC distribution to the DC consumers.

Please support us in this mission to lay the foundation of sustainable energy, so that DC gets a firm hold within the world of AC. Therefore we ask you kindly to vote for our project DC=DECENT, entry number 59 at the P-Nuts Awards 2013:

Closing date is 16 April 2013. Every vote counts!

The Foundation of Sustainable Energy

DC smart grids are the foundation of sustainable energy. Indeed, almost all renewable energy sources generate DC. And almost all energy consumers, from computers to energy-saving lamps, work on DC. Each device, internally operating on DC, is equipped with a converter to convert the AC voltage from the current AC grids to DC, which also results in energy losses in the process. In other words, we transport power on AC grids, while the generators and consumers already work on DC. In order to reduce raw materials costs and achieve high returns along the whole energy chain, it is logical to reduce the number of conversions in the power infrastructure. By energy transportation on DC with a DC smart grid it is possible to make most of the conversions obsolete.

Secure DC Systems

Direct Current BV has developed electronics that secure the DC systems, which has now made it possible to make use of DC smart grids in a safe way. Moreover, we are working on testing the DC system within the NEN standards, and for this reason we need social support in case we have to adapt these NEN standards. In a working group together with the NEN, we are working on adjusting the NEN standards in the field of DC. In order to raise social support for DC and to fight against the prejudices that DC would be unsafe, we have entered the P-Nuts Award contest in order to bring our project to the attention of the public.