Demo DC Grid with Eaton

DC users such as office applications, lighting, and so on are connected to the smart DC microgrid that is directly connected to solar panels on the premise for DC energy generation.

Last update on 18 January 2023
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DC System with EATON

As a demonstration and research and development project on sustainability and renewable energy, a demo grid is being realised on the premise of Eaton in the Netherlands. We develop and supply a 700V DC grid at Eaton's hub in Hengelo, including:

  • Batteries for peak shaving and grid support
  • Bidirectional EV Charging
  • Public Lighting
  • House connection for Domestic Appliances at 350V such as: Heat Pump, Induction Cooker and 48V bus for lighting and USB-C
  • Office Connection with 48V bus for lighting as well USB-C

Project Partners

  • Eaton Netherlands (Project owner)
  • Direct Current BV
  • Nexans
  • Super-B
  • Nilar
  • Signify
  • CityTec
  • E-Novates