Breakthrough for DC in the Greenhouse

24 October 2012
Direct Current BV, a company which develops innovative solutions for the sustainable energy market, researched for the past 2 years on the possibilities of using DC for assimilation lighting in the greenhouse.

Last update on 01 February 2022

Prototype PCB fully operating on DC

At the Horti Fair, Direct Current BV will present its first working prototype in cooperation with DC Foundation. The presentation of this first prototype, which is fully operating on DC (direct current), is part of the project Sustainability and DC in the Greenhouse which is supported by Gavita, Rabobank, Productschap Tuinbouw, Joulz, Achmea, SGN, The Hague University and Agrolux.

Savings on Energy and Raw Materials

To date, all fixtures available on the market operate on AC (alternating current). Inside all these fixtures AC is being converted to DC causing heat losses . By using DC, any conversion is not necessary anymore which results in energy savings. Initial test result are showing that the energy usage is almost half of the AC fixture. The PCB is smaller as well so there are many savings on raw materials. Also the heat production on the PCB of the DC fixture is considerably lower.

In the current AC fixtures pre-switching components are needed for the conversion of AC to DC. Due to wear these components have a reduced lifetime. By using DC fixtures these components are not necessary anymore which will increase the lifetime greatly. Without the pre-switching components, with the compactness of the PCB, the energy savings, and the longer lifetime as a result, this DC fixture is especially suitable for savings on costs and energy in a greenhouse.

The First Large-Scale Test

In November, 51 fixtures on DC will be tested at the greenhouse of “Vreeken Sierteelt B.V.”. This is the first large-scale test with fixtures powered by DC.

In cooperation with DC Foundation, Direct Current BV will present their first prototype at the Horti Fair, in the Amsterdam RAI at the stand of co-sponsor Gavita Nederland BV, from 30 October to 2 November.

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