DC=DECENT in the Media: RTL Z broadcast

28 October 2013
On chanel RTL Z, the informative program Local Sustainable was broadcasted on the subject sustainable and innovative projects in the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer, presented by John Nederstigt, alderman Sustainability Haarlemmermeer.

Last update on 01 February 2022

Sustainability Top 100 winner in 2013, Andrea van de Graaf of the organization Meermaker introduces the global pilot project DC=DeCent by Direct Current BV, in cooperation with Joulz and Siemens, a project implementing a DC grid in horticulture in Haarlemmermeer, in the greenhouse of Vreeken Sierteelt. DC=Decent is supported by Meermaker, among others.

Watch the video on Local Sustainability in Haarlemmermeer.

DC in the Greenhouse

DC=DeCent succeeds the pilot project 'DC in the Greenhouse' in order to realize the regional DC grid. In the project DC in the Greenhouse, 48 lighting fixtures works on DC, at the Vreeken Sierteelt. DC in the Greenhouse focuses on the development and testing of prototype fixtures and sockets. The project DC=DeCent provides a wider rollout in the greenhouse area in Haarlemmermeer.