Harry Stokman Has Received The IEC 1906 Award

September 20, 2018
Harry Stokman, DC expert and owner/CEO Direct Current BV has been awarded the 1906 Award by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) as a recognition for his dedication to further LVDC.

Last update on 01 February 2022

DC expertise for more than 30 years

"In recognition of his dedication to furthering LVDC technologies for developed and developing economies. His amiable style, depth of technical expertise, breadth of experience and friendly approach make him an ideal member and leader in LVDC standards development." - noted by the IEC.

Harry Stokman is a member of the IEC LVDC System Committee and active in several sub groups of LVDC SyC. Furthermore, he is the SyC LVDC liaison officer appointed by the SyC LVDC in the TC8-WG9: Overall system aspects of electricity supply systems - LVDC distribution. As early as 1988, Harry started designing and building transformer rectifiers. In 2005 he established a master plan on his vision of DC in the future. From that moment on, his mission to change the world into a DC world was born.

Innovative Development Of A Secure DC Smart Grid On 350V

Stokman invented a standard system where DC and communication merge: DC2. This resulted in an innovative operating system Current/OS. In 2009, he founded the company Direct Current BV with a team of engineers to research voltage levels and to develop DC automation and safety systems, the missing links in DC infrastructure.

These innovations are a breakthrough for a secure DC grid on 350V. Since then, based on this DC technology and DC system, many DC projects have been developed successfully, such as the Circl Pavilion of ABN AMRO Bank in Amsterdam on DC, 90km streetlighting on +/-350VDC, and a Greenhouse on the DC system. Also, many projects are now ongoing and in preparation, such as the highway A16 Tunnel in cooperation with Croonwolter&Dros, the Pulse Building of Delft University of Technology, a DC Demonstrator at EATON in Hengelo, and ENLEB, an EU project in Belgium.

The 1906 Award Of The IEC

Every year the IEC honours exceptional contributions of individuals with an Award. The 1906 Award Recognizes exceptional current achievements of experts. The 1906 Award was created in 2004 by the IEC Executive Committee (ExCo) to commemorate the IEC's year of foundation and to honour IEC experts around the world whose work is fundamental to the IEC. The Award also recognizes exceptional and recent achievement - a project or other specific contribution - related to the activities of the IEC and which contributes in a significant way to advancing the work of the Commission.

The IEC has a platform of thousands of experts who contribute to building the solid technical foundation, such as the International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies, that is needed by industry and governments to make products and systems work safer together, everywhere.