Smart Lofts Strijp-S blok 61 in Eindhoven

First apartment buildings in the Netherlands with Direct Current (DC).

Last update on 20 September 2022

DC Apartments

By using DC, the energy generated by solar panels can be used without conversions and can be stored in batteries, bringing energy losses to a minimum. The lofts also have self-learning and interactive systems that communicate with each other and with residents and ensure optimum energy management. These systems are controlled by the user through an app.

Direct Current B.V. develops the DC technology for the smart DC microgrid that connects the DC users directly to the solar panels that generates the DC energy and the storage in batteries. The DC technology also ensures safety and controllability of the smart DC grid.

Project Partners

  • Homeij
  • VolkerWessels
  • Direct Current B.V.

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